Trampoline Frequently Asked Questions

Trampoline Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Why buy a Jumparama trampoline?
There are so many good reasons to purchase a Jumparama trampoline. Firstly, we specialise in Jumparama Trampolines providing quality products for children with safety as our priority. Secondly, we provide excellent customer service and advice for anyone who is considering purchasing a new trampoline or replace worn parts of their existing trampoline. Thirdly, we are one of the largest suppliers of trampoline parts for round trampolines in Australia. You can be confident that you will find what you need here.

So many times, customers who had purchased trampolines from department stores like K-Mart, Rebel Sports, Pauls Warehouse, Big W, Target etc. and have come back to us for spare parts and advice on taking care of their outdoor trampoline because the store they purchased their trampoline from cannot help them. We also offer discounts on replacement parts to Jumparama customers when they decide to purchase replacements from us. That is an additional savings you won't get from other retailers.
Do you have a Jumparama trampoline on display?
In our showroom we have an 8FT x 12FT Rectangular Jumparam Pro trampoline on display in our showroom. Customers are welcome to inspect the trampoline and assess the quality e.g. jumping mat, enclosure net, springs, cover pads and compare our quality with other competitors. Our website has many photographs of the trampoline assembled. All photographs on our website are originals owned by Comfort Innovations. They are not pictures from manufacturers, but the real thing. This will enable customers to make an informed decision about the quality of our product.
Are round trampolines better than a rectangular trampolines?
Round trampolines and rectangular trampolines are very similar to each other, neither trampoline is better than the other. From our experience, we do find that our rectangular trampolines offer a more powerful bounce with less effort compared to the round trampolines. We encourage you to research on various brands of trampolines. If you need any assistance, our helpful staff will gladly answer all your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
What trampoline sizes do you sell?
We find the most popular trampoline size in the market is 8FT (244cm), 10FT (305cm) and 12FT (366cm) wide trampolines. The main reason is this size fits most backyards for people living in the metropolitan areas. So these are the trampoline sizes which we specialise in. Smaller trampolines generally fit better in small backyards, however as your children grow older they will prefer to jump on bigger wider trampolines. It is more fun jumping on larger trampolines and it becomes a good hangout spot for teenagers and adults. When purchasing a trampoline, you need to find out how much space you want to devote your backyard for a permanent trampoline structure. Here you will find your limitation to size.
What brand is your trampoline?
The brand is Jumparama Trampolines. These trampolines are sold throughout the UK and are currently one of the best value trampolines in the Australian market when comparing with other trampoline quality in the market. Jumparama trampolines has been around since 2005 and is regularly improving its quality to reflect the changing demands in the market. You will be surprise how much a trampoline can change over time.
Jumparama Trampolines
What is GS TUV Standards?
For more information about the standards, please visit the following website - GS TUV Standards
What is the difference between Jumparama and other trampolines?
The main difference is safety and quality. There is an element of risk for children jumping on a trampoline without a good quality safety net and it is the parents responsibility to keep them safe. That is what makes Jumparama special. It is specially designed to prevent the common mishaps that may occur. We have heard of many stories from other branded trampolines where the net has torn in less than 12 months usage. Also stories of pads that lasts only a few months. These stories are real and happens a lot. Replacement parts are not cheap so we encourage buyers to be aware of the quality of the trampoline they are buying especially with trampolines that are advertised very cheap. You get what you pay for.

With Jumparama Trampoline, you are investing in a quality product and in your childs safety. Speak to our sales team today about any questions you may have and one of our friendly staff will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.
What is the biggest trampoline you have?
Currently the biggest round trampoline we have is 12FT Jumparama Elite (366cm) in diameter and the biggest rectangular trampoline we have is 8FTx12FT (382cmx257cm) Jumparama Pro.
If needed, can spare parts be purchased?
Yes, trampoline and spare parts are available for customers to purchase.
Do you sell any trampolines without the net?
Depending on stock availability, we do sell trampolines separately without the safety net.
Do you sell the netting, mats and cover pads separately?
Yes we do sell most trampoline accessories especially for round trampolines.
Do your trampolines have ladders?
According the Australian Safety Standards, trampoline ladders must be sold seperately. Until you are confident that your child is capable of jumping on the trampoline without adult supervision, then we recommend you to purchase a ladder for convenience. Jumparama ladders are also sold separately and you can find this on our website under trampoline accessories.
What is the maximum weight for these trampolines?
Different trampoline sizes have different maximum weight specifications. In general please limit the weight load to 100kg and jumping on the trampoline must only be one at a time. Since we keep upgrading our trampoline models to better designs and specifications, you should check the trampoline listings to find the maximum user weights.
Delivery Information
Where can I pickup the trampoline?
We have friendly staff that will help you move your item to your vehicle and you have the option to pay by Visa/Mastercard/Eftpos/Cash in person upon arrival. Please check our opening hours and packing size of the item you like to purchase. Please give us 24hrs notice before you arrive so we can have the item ready for you.
No one will be home to receive the delivery. Can we have the trampoline left outside our house?
You can request for delivery items to be left outside your property, however it will be at the your own risk. Comfort Innovations Pty Ltd and our courier company will not take responsibility for items going missing or damaged if left outside your property. For items greater than 30kg, we require someone to be at home to assist with unloading the item of the truck. So for heavier items, someone will need to be at home to take delivery.
Can I arrange my own courier pickup?

Yes, you can arrange for your own courier pick up. Please bare in mind that these are heavy equipment and packaged in large cartons and may require special instructions for delivery. Comfort Innovations Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damages during delivery. We do recommend you take out transit insurance from your courier company especially if they do not specialize in handling large fragile items. We do recommend that you use our courier service to save all the trouble and headaches in the event of any delivery mishaps. Should you choose to use your own courier, please contact us for more information.

What happens if the item is damaged during delivery?
At Comfort Innovations we want to ensure the safe delivery of your trampoline, which is why postage insurance is inclusive on all our shipping quotes. If you suspect that the item is damaged, please do not sign any papers and contact us immediately. We will also require that you email us some photos of the damaged parts within 48hrs of delivery so we can replace the damaged or missing parts.
Other Questions
Do you do lay by's or installment plans?
No we do not offer lay by's or installment plans. All products are to be paid in full before items can be picked up or delivered. This saves administration costs and storage costs as they are large items. Thank you for your understanding.
Do you have a showroom in other states?
Comfort Innovations only has one showroom which is located in Sydney. We deliver many products interstate facilited by express couriers which does the shipping. We find that most of our customers are comfortable shopping online and purchasing our products on the web or over the phone. Payment is safe and most deliveries to the east cost of Australia arrives within a week unless otherwise stated. Deliveries to the west cost takes a little over a week. With many positive feedback from our customers, we believe that shopping online is the best way to go. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.