About Us

About Us

Jumparama Trampolines is a company under the Comfort Innovations Pty Ltd group of companies. Comfort Innovations is proudly an Australian owned company involved in the retail and design of Jumparama Trampolines since 2005. Being in an innovative business, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products that will meet and exceed customer expectations. You will find our trampolines are different to other trampoline brands in terms of quality and design. Our trampoline parts are specifically designed to use high quality heavy duty materials that are built to last and sustain a reasonable amount of wear and tear from kids using the trampoline. The design of the trampoline and quality of the material parts are important when considering safety and durability of the trampoline. Jumparama trampoline mats and netting are stronger than the average trampoline you get at department stores. Having specialised in trampolines for many years, we also stock spare parts for customers who have not purchased any trampolines from us but are happy to buy replacements from us because they know our quality and service.

You will find other suppliers sell cheap quality trampolines and parts, but buyers need to beware that they are up for replacement costs within 18 months of usage so investing in a good quality trampoline and trampoline parts does save costs in the long run. In recent years we have seen a significant downgrade of the quality of trampolines in the market in order to keep the price low. This attracts price conscious consumers. Although trampolines may look the same when purchased, they can look very different 2 years down the track. Unfortunately consumers are not educated enough to make an informed decision about the longevity of their trampoline. So be sure to speak to one of our sales consultant for a comparison before you buy.

If you buy trampolines from Jumparama, you know you are getting quality parts which will last in the long run. Trampolines are an investment in health and safety, not just a toy.

Our Mission Statement

To be perceived as the one of the best providers of high quality products in Australia by providing people with exceptional service and superior products. We believe that by offering quality products with exceptional service is the key to long term sustainability in any business. You will receive prompt courteous and professional help from our trained sales consultants, whether you are a business or a consumer.


We have a large warehousing facilities for our products located in the Sydney, New South Wales.

Shipping Service

We provide courier shipping of our products to almost all areas of Australia.


At Comfort Innovations we continuously care for children in need. That is why every time you purchase a Comfort Innovations product, a portion is used to support the ten children we proudly sponsor around the world through the organisation ChildFund Australia.

Comfort Innovations has provided child sponsorship for over 5 years, and also has made numerous arbitrary donations to various other organisations. The team at Comfort Innovations gives a warm thanks to all our customers for your continual support which has made all this possible.
  • New Innovative Products
  • Quality Products
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Outstanding After-Sales Service
  • 14 Days Replacement Guarantee
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Professional and Helpful Staff